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Cloud City Projects

Cloud City Projects

No White Flags

No White Flags is the first full length album from Cloud City Projects and is the backbone behind the Community & Culture Campaign. With 21 artists contributing this is an ode to the hip hop culture. WIth all proceeds of the album going to the CC Sabathia PitCCh in Foundation it is also helping the communities where hip hop was born. Help the cause by purchasing and streaming the album. 

Please check out the PitCCh in Foundation Here:

Check out the official C.C.P. contract here: 

Worldwide Game

Cloud City Projects is a worldwide hip hop collective of MC's, Producers and DJ's. As a collective we have put out free tracks since 2014. You can check out all of our free tracks on Soundcloud. We stay dedicated to making true, gritty hip hop, keeping the pillars of hip hop alive and creating the single biggest hip hop collaboration on the planet. 

Free Downloads

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